Support & delegation are vital for growth.

Tech Skills Coaching

Finally tired of trying to piece together free resources, Youtube tutorials, and frustrating freelance gigs? Wish that you knew someone in the industry who took a non-traditional route to tech?

I was a teacher when I stumbled into the tech industry. Tech was a whole new world of work and subsequently a whole new realm of possibilities for my lifestyle. I chose to make it mine. I explored different skillsets and roles within the tech industry (coding, web design, tech support, digital marketing, project management, diversity and inclusion, among others).

For the past four years I have helped others explore the tech industry. I am most passionate about the power and innovation that bubbles at the intersection of technology and education. Learning to leverage these skills as well as my own human design has been imperative for my professional growth. Are you ready to break into tech or take the next leap in your career? Let's work together to get you on the path of progress and projection into the professional lifestyle of your dreams!

Visual Design + Development

Have you tried building your own site only to give up after hours of confusion and frustration? Or maybe you finished the site but you want it to feel more professional or elegant? Maybe you have a site that works fine, but just fine and you're ready to scale.

If you are stressed by the thought of your website or simply want to delegate the project to an expert so that you can focus on your strengths in your business, take a deep breath... you're in the right place.

I absolutely LOVE crafting mindful and user friendly branding and website designs that empower business owners to take their next leap! I have designed for mental health therapists, wellness practitioners, education tech companies, and solopreneurs. I am motivated by passion, purpose, and service. I'd be honored to help you craft your dream digital brand and home.

Reproductive health Support

I am a full-spectrum doula, maternal health advocate, and reproductive health educator.

I’m professionallyin holistic evidence-based practices to nourish, guide, and support you pre-pregnancy through post-partum, as well as in the processes of menstruation, fertility, and abortion. My full-spectrum care is wide-ranging and highly tailored. It might be working with you to identify the right birth control, being your advocate while making an adoption placement plan, or supporting you through the first few months of parenthood.

I believe that YOU are the leading expert of your experience and I would be honored to support you at any part of your sex and reproductive health journey.

Support & delegation are vital for growth.

Let's make magic!